September 2022

Plastics in the Environment „Special consideration of Pellet Losses“


The survey “Special consideration of Pellet Losses" is the first comprehensive study of pellet losses along the entire value chain in Germany.

The current study, which was carried out on behalf of BKV GmbH in 2021, determines where plastic pellets enter the environment and which entry paths are particularly relevant. In particular, input pathways at plastics producers, plastics processors, recycling plants, trading companies, compounders and masterbatch manufacturers as well as pellet losses occurring during transport were investigated. As a result, the study makes an estimate of the quantities of plastic pellets that ultimately remain in the aquatic and terrestrial environment, taking retention and purification systems into account.  

If you are interested in this study, it can be obtained free of charge from the BKV GmbH website ( However, only available in German.

Source: Adobe Stock, © Thomas Siepmann, #72076386

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