July 2020

Interview: The fourth version of the marine litter model


"From Land to Sea – Model for the documentation of land-sourced plastic litter". Find the interview between BKV GmbH and Conversios Managing Director Christoph Lindner, discussing the latest versions new features and giving an outlook on future developmets.


May 2020

Experiences with Corona Home Office

Home Office

Home office was widely enabled by German employers to protect employee’s health and to continue business operations during Corona crisis. Some companies and employees experience work from home for the first-time. Are you interested how working from home is perceived?

Our self-initiated survey analysis the Corona induced home office and gives insights on many aspects of the home office experience, e.g.:

  • Environment
  • Work performance
  • Pain points
  • Rooms to improve


March 2020

Global Plastics Flow Study 2019


Avoiding environmental littering, pushing forward with a circular economy – Conversios global plastics flow study creates transparency for the plastics industry and public stakeholders.

  • Assessment on global plastics demand and consumption
  • Waste stream analysis for selected countries
  • Evaluation of waste management and recycling situation


January 2020

Material flow analysis plastics in Germany


The collection, documentation and publication of production and processing data, also picturing recycled volumes, are an important instrument for obtaining a continuous picture of the development of the plastics segment in Germany. The study delivers a comprehensive material flow analysis for plastics in Germany and covers the fields of production, processing and consumption, waste generation and recycling as well as the use of recycled plastics materials.

  • Production, processing and consumption of Plastics
  • Plastics waste generation and recycling
  • Recycled plastics and their areas of application


December 2019

Plastics - the Facts


Plastics – the Facts is an analysis of the data related to production, demand and waste management of plastic materials. The editor is PlasticsEurope. It provides the latest business information on production and demand, trade, recovery as well as employment and turnover in the plastics industry. It therefor allows comprehensive insights into the industries contribution to European economic growth and prosperity throughout the life cycle of the material. Conversio GmbH elaborated and supplied essential facts and figures for this brochure.

  • Economic assessment of the European plastics industry
  • Production, converting and consumption of plastics
  • Recycling situation

You can download full report from PlasticsEurope homepage


November 2019

Industrial Flooring & Concrete Repair Market 2018


Multi-client study on the German industrial flooring & concrete repair market, incorporating insights from more than 300 decisions makers from relevant companies, evaluating the current market situation and future trends.

  • Marketanalysis, -segmentation and growth
  • Determine relevant segments and growth factors
  • Assessment of supplier market
  • Prognosis for market growth and development


February 2019

Titanium Dioxide
in Plastics


Globally, manufacturers of plastics and also of paints and varnishes, food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products process several millions of tonnes of titanium dioxide (TiO2) every year. Conversios study analyses and quantifies the concentrations in plastics manufacturing and plastics waste. In addition to a comprehensive secondary analysis and to identify the data, the main players along the value chain have been integrated into the study by approximately 50 expert interviews.

  • Processing of titan dioxide in plastics products
  • Waste volumes and treatment
  • Detailed consideration of construction wastes